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It’s “gezellig” here in the Netherlands, but boy do they like their paperwork. I’ve been here for a while now and, despite the fact that I’m from the UK (which is very similar), I’ve still not lost that feeling that some things and processes and methods are unfamiliar. And so, the idea for this site was born. Depending how you look at it, this site is either a description of my experiences as I navigate my way through Dutch paperwork, customs, and traditions or it’s a guide to life as an expat in the Netherlands.

Obviously these stories come from my perspective of life as a Brit in The Hague, but hopefully they can help a broader range of people find their way in the Netherlands. Assuming, of course, that you also came to the Netherlands because it was the cheapest and easiest way of fuelling your unstoppable addiction to stroopwafels.

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