Statiegeld (deposit) on Bottles

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If you buy a large plastic bottle of drink, a beer bottle or a crate of beer, then the chances are that when you come to the checkout you’ll get charged more than you expected. That’s statiegeld! It’s a deposit on the item itself to help encourage you to bring back the empties for recycling. You pay €0,25 per plastic bottle, €0,10 per beer bottle, €0,75 for a half crate and €1,50 for a crate (note: if the crates have bottles in…which presumably they do…then you pay for the bottles too). Statiegeld isn’t charged on small plastic bottles of drink less than one litre and cans of drink.

Once you’re done with them you return it to the supermarket where there’ll be a machine somewhere that you can feed the bottles/crates into. Once you’ve done that it will print you out a coupon with a barcode that you can hand in at the checkout to discount off your next purchase. In theory, you could also go and get your money back (but nobody seems to ever do this).

It’s best to return your bottles to the same chain of supermarkets where you got them for. However, as it’s an automated process it mostly works to return bottles to another supermarket chain. If the supermarket sells the bottles then the machine will almost certainly accept the bottles and give you statiegeld back.


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