What is a Stroopwafel?

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It seems that cheese isn’t the only strength of the town of Gouda. For a second, tasty, treat also originates from there. Stroopwafels.

A stroop wafel is made from two layers of batter that are baked in a waffle iron around a caramel based filling. Stroopwafels are seemingly to be found in practical every food shop and given their tastiness it’s a wonder that Dutch aren’t all fat. You’ll find that stroopwafels are ideally sized to place on top of your hot cup of coffee, therefore melting the lovely contents to sugary goodness.

At one point stroopwafels were banned by the Netherlands government and practically every street corner had a shady looking man on it muttering “stroopwafels, stroopwafels” to every passer by. Euros were exchanged and addicts could, once again, get their stroopwafel sugar high. This got so bad that the Dutch, with their famous relaxed attitude, gave up and decided to tolerate the stroopwafel trade.

(okay, that last paragraph might not be true. But the rest are!)

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